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Wp-ecommerce – How to show product tags

wordpress integration Wp ecommerce   How to show product tagsFirst time i see wp-ecommerce and read their description, i think it was great.

But if you look deeper, its really annoying. Judging from version number instinct said its stable release, but try it and you’ll find alot of bugs and problem. But it still Free icon smile Wp ecommerce   How to show product tags thanks to instinct.

First thing i want to share, about product tagging. I m using wp-ecommerce 3.7.4 and WP 2.8.4, on products admin page there is product tags field, but its not displaying any tags after saving product. I check on table, its succesfully saving the tags..  so i begin to track the code. Found the problem was on php script.

To displaying product tags follow this intruction bellow:

  1. Open display-items-functions.php on wp-e-commerce\wpsc-admin\includes
  2. go to line function wpsc_product_category_and_tag_forms($product_data=”) and find this code

if ($product_data != '') {
$product_id = $product_data['id'];//add this line
if(function_exists('wp_insert_term')) {
$term_relationships = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM `{$wpdb->term_relationships}`

WHERE object_id = '{$product_id}'", ARRAY_A);

the problem is on query,  $product_id variable didn’t initiate.  so just add $product_id = $product_data['id']; to initiating variable.

Hope this help to resolve product tags not shown on wp-ecommerce problem, sorry for my english im indonesian.

I will post tweaking wp-ecommerce for another problem soon.