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Against Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!

And again..
Drawing Mohammad – Moslem prophet – it was forbidden in Islam, in contest.

I don’t know why that people getting involve to what they not there.
Drawing Mohammad is Forbidden, that is moslem believes..

Religion is Like love
Religion is about believe

Maybe other didn’t like it.. But you love it
But When you were deep in love with, you will do anything to protect your loved

It is like your country.. maybe you are basta*d in your country
But if there were people in another country burn your country flag and say you country is sh*t
I believe you will burn to fire and give big punch to their face

Religion is not kind of rule that you can amandement
Religion is not kind of rule that you can complain..

So please give respect what people believe.
No matter who you are!

Maybe you do not believe in God
Maybe you have another God ^_^

Its You.. up to you
But just don’t bother other people believes