wp-ecommerce: Enable SSL With No Pain

Fix redirect loop error when enabling SSL https on wp-ecommerce

One “cool” thing from wp-ecommerce icon smile wp ecommerce: Enable SSL With No Pain as usual..

my client want to enable SSL on wp-ecommerce shopping cart.

I have read talkspam and instinct forum and apply their tutorial.. but unfortunately when accessing https:// url, my browser says that there is redirect loop. it seem because of canonical url redirect function from wordpress.

  1. Install SSL on your server
  2. Install the HTTPS for WordPress plugin.
  3. From your WP Admin panel, select  e-Commerce | Settings | Admin | URL Settings section, make sure your URL settings contain https://

    wp ecommerce ssl wp ecommerce: Enable SSL With No Pain


  4. In the WP Admin panel, select Settings -> General change wordpress and blog address contain https://
    wp ecommerce ssl21 wp ecommerce: Enable SSL With No Pain
  5. the last important thing, install plugin from Mark Jaquith or being simple just add
remove_filter('template_redirect', 'redirect_canonical');

insert that script in functions.php file at your theme folder.

hope it save your time for finding bugs on the field.

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5 thoughts on “wp-ecommerce: Enable SSL With No Pain

  1. Carla

    I just did this and once I added the “https” and “shop.mydomain.com” it booted me out of wordpress and now I cannot get in via the “mydomain/wp-admin”. I have tried with an http and an https and neither work. I then added the above code to my function file via my hosting account and it still does not work. Please help!

  2. coliq Post author

    @Carla: I just see your site. wp-ecommerce installed is latest one. May be there is bug fixing on latest version.

    and this article is just for problem caused by canonical url redirect function that produce redirect loop.

  3. Carla

    Please ignore all original comments. My SSL is now up and running! I found the “Force SSL” under the Publish box in my WP pages. Sorry to inconvenience you. Hopefully others will find this useful.

  4. Carla

    P.S. The original problem was due to me adding “shop.” before my domain name. I was able to fix that by adding some code to my function.php file temporarily. Thanks for everything!

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